General Dentistry

Dental Appliances

Dental appliances are devices that help patients to protect, maintain or improve their oral health. Whether you play sports, clench/grind your teeth or just want to prevent them from shifting, at Alora dental we can assess your case to recommend the dental appliance that is best for you.

Mouth Guard for Bruxism

These are indicated to protect/avoid teeth from clenching or grinding thus preventing further damage to them and the TMJ (temporomandibular joints), which are the joints that allow us to move our mandible in order to be able to chew and talk. Wearing a night guard will not only help your teeth, gums and TMJ to be healthy, but it can also help prevent migraines/headaches, earaches, facial, neck and shoulder pain as well as fractures of teeth among others.

Sport Mouth Guards

Type of mouth guard designed to protect your teeth from injuries while playing contact sports and even non-contact sports. Getting a custom fit sport guard will protect you appropriately than the non custom-fitted ones. 

Dental Retainers

These are custom appliances that help to hold your teeth in position, preventing them from shifting after any type of orthodontic treatment. Retainers can be fixed (wires that are placed in the back of your front teeth) or removable (it can be made of acrylic or a clear plastic material).

If you want to know if a dental appliance might be beneficial for you, request an appointment.