Cosmetic Dentistry

Laser Gum Recontour

Laser gingivectomy is an advanced and gentle procedure in which the dentist uses dental laser equipment to remove gum tissues and reshape the gum line. It is usually not painful because the laser cauterizes the tissue so that your gums heal quickly and no bleeding is involved. Laser gingivectomy also has a negligible risk of side effects like infections. This is a pretty safe treatment and it can conclude within an hour or less, depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, and the number of teeth to be treated.

Get ready to start the journey of a healthy smile.

Before the gingivectomy is performed, the dentist will evaluate your gums and take some X-rays for a complete periodontal assessment. By measuring the gums, the doctor will establish the amount of soft tissue that can be safely removed. Every patient is different and their soft tissues are not the same.

If you have a gummy smile due to an excess of tissue then, this dental laser treatment might be suitable for you.